How Do You Keep Wifi Extenders From Using My Laptop?

My name is Jason M. Applegate and I am a proud user of the Google Wifi extender. I have always been careful about which network device I connect my smartphone, tablet and laptop to. That is because I know how quickly that data can be used up. If I am away from my device for more than a few seconds, I automatically turn off my data connection. This is good because it means that if someone else is nearby when I am away, they won’t be able to access all the information that is stored on that particular device.

However, the Wifi Direct Wifi extender that I have is a different story

Instead of automatically turning off on my device when it is not connected to a network, it will connect immediately when it detects that another device is available. This way, I can continue to browse the internet without worrying about my tablet or smartphone getting slower. As long as I have internet connectivity, everything is great.

When I got this device, I really did not know how it would work. I was expecting it to stay on all the time and use up all of my data. It took a few days for me to understand that my tablet was not always picking up the signal even though I had turned it on. I just started looking around online for some answers. What I found was very interesting.

When Wifi Extender was released, there were a ton of people who had the same problem

Their device would always pick up no signal no matter where they were. They thought that there must be a problem with their radios or perhaps their router. While it is possible that these could be the reasons, the truth is that the Wifi Direct device is using a completely different method.

All Extender models that have been released include a radio. All you need to do is install the Wifi Direct application and it will automatically detect your current internet connection and adjust the settings accordingly. There is no setting to adjust, it just works right out of the box.

This makes it possible for you to keep your Wifi Extender working while also keeping an internet connection

You don’t need to worry about wires getting in the way of your browsing anymore. All you have to do is turn your Extender on and it will start communicating with the nearest wireless network. Of course, you can also keep your Wi-Fi device on and just use your internet connection to do other things while you’re on the go. If you use your Wi-Fi in airplane mode, you won’t have to worry about losing signal.

How do you keep Wifi Extenders from using my laptop? Well, one solution that you can try is turning off your Wifi automatically when you leave the area where you set it up. This doesn’t solve the problem completely, but it keeps it from being used constantly. Of course, turning the Extender off every time you leave would also be useless. If that fails, you might want to consider buying a USB modem instead of a Wi-Fi device.

The final solution to this problem is to allow Wifi Direct to share the same network with other devices

There are devices that have the ability to change their SSID automatically. If you connect other devices to this Wi-Fi Extender while it is turned on, all of them will be able to see your internet connection. That way, you can keep your internet connection from being bogged down and you can still surf the net while you’re on the road.