Does the Biostar Taiko 5.3 Have a USB 3 Headset Outlet?

Does the Biostar Taiko 5

3 Have a USB 3 Headset Outlet?

A few weeks ago, I bought a Biostar Taiko digital guitar, ready to go out and explore my musical tastes. My first thought was to hook it up to my laptop to play along with it on my iPod, but that idea didn’t work. Then I remembered that I wanted to be able to charge my battery in the car. So, instead of getting an external battery, which would be quite bulky, I decided to get a USB powered one.

So, does the Biostar Taiko 5

3 have a USB 3 header? The guitar player that bought it said it did, so I took it for a test run to see. At first, it looked like the gig bag would work with my laptop, but when I plugged it in, the battery didn’t recognize the USB connection. So, it wasn’t going to charge my battery.

So, what did I do? I opened up the gig bag to see what was in it, and there was a USB charging cable. Apparently, I hadn’t realized that I needed a USB connection for the battery. Anyway, it turned out that the USB charging cable was for the monitor, not the guitar. This meant that my only option was to use the guitar player’s connection, which I already had.

Was this set-up going to permanently affect my guitar playing ability? Luckily, since my laptop has a built-in flash drive, I was able to continue playing music even though my battery was dead

So, is the Biostar Taiko 5.3 really compatible with a USB port? Well, it depends on how you plug it in.

When I plugged the guitar into the USB port of the gig bag – without holding it with my guitar player’s strap, which would have been uncomfortable anyway – I didn’t notice any change in the signal. To my surprise, however, the guitar sounded much better than it did when plugged into an amp. And, considering that I am listening to high quality music files through my laptop, this improvement was quite substantial. In fact, it took me a few minutes to realize that I was no longer tripping over noises in my guitar that would have been drowned out by the sound coming through my laptop’s speakers. So, is the Biostar Taiko 5.3 compatible with a USB port?

To be honest, it should be

If you’re going to be using your guitar or bass, every bit as much as when you’re using the gig bag, then you should make sure that you’re able to plug the player in using any appropriate cable. There are many manufacturers who have made their own players that have a USB connection. Check them out and see if they have one that works with your computer. If you’ve already got a guitar player, check whether it uses a standard USB connection or not. If it doesn’t, then you really should get yourself a USB interface so that you can be playing your guitar or bass via the Internet, your TV or whatever your favorite mode of transport happens to be!

Another question that arises is, does the Biostar Taiko 5.3 have a standard RCA input jack that plugs into your guitar or bass, or does it use a proprietary connector that has no connection to any home theater equipment? The RCA connection on modern guitars and basses is very hard to live without, but you do need to be very careful when connecting the guitar to the USB interface. You do not want to make a simple connection to the USB port and accidentally send the guitar into power starvation. It would kill your guitar and any other computer-based synthesizer as well!

I believe that the new RCA jacks on most professional guitar/basses are very hard to live without

I also think that you cannot just put your guitar into your USB device and expect it to work. Do some research, try different models, pick the best one for your music studio, and then put the guitar into your gig bag pack. Hope you have fun!